Victor Oswald

Marriages, Weddings & Vow Renewals

I am legally authorized to perform marriage ceremonies. My mission is to create a ceremony that reflects your needs, beliefs, cultural background and values.

In a Celebrant ceremony, you are empowered. Nothing is imposed on you. Instead, in a collaborative process, I will guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols and music to fulfill your ideals and vision for your ceremony.

Whether you are secular, religious, spiritual, nondenominational, part of an interfaith or multicultural couple, or it you simply wish to express yourself in a manner of your own choosing, I can help you create a ceremony that respects all that is meaningful to you. Your wedding ceremony should be personal, reflecting who you are as individuals and as a couple. To accomplish this I will take the time to understand your beliefs, your values, and what makes your bond unique. No two Celebrant ceremonies are the same.

You may wish to honor and remember your ancestors during your ceremony, or include rituals from your religious or cultural heritages. If you have children, they can participate in any number of ways, to reflect that your union marks the beginning of a new life not only for you as a couple, but also for your family.

I will:

  • Meet with you at a no-obligation interview to discuss your vision of the ceremony
  • Interview you to learn your personal story to include in the ceremony
  • Consult with you by phone and email until the ceremony is just right
  • Interview family & friends and include their word in the ceremony if you wish
  • Rehearse the ceremony with you at your venue

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