A funeral ceremony should be a personalized tribute, reflecting who the deceased was as an individual. My mission is to create a funeral/tribute ceremony that reflects the deceased’s wishes, beliefs, cultural background, and values — religious or non-religious. By focusing on the life that was lived, I will carefully compose a customized, meaningful ceremony.

       Every effort will be made to honor the deceased. Nothing is imposed. Instead I will collaborate with the deceased’s family, friends and clergy, if affiliated. The most important principle is that the words delivered express and celebrate the life of the person who has died.

       Whether the deceased is secular, religious, spiritual, interfaith, or simply unaffiliated, I can help to create a meaningful, memorable, fitting end-of-life tribute.

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I am a certified celebrant belonging to the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, as well as a wedding officiant. I officiate and design personalized weddings, vow renewals, same-gender ceremonies, divorces, and end-of-life and pet tributes for people of all beliefs and values. I am legally authorized to perform marriage ceremonies. My mission is to create a ceremony that reflects your needs, beliefs, cultural background and values. I also perform commitment ceremonies for partners in a same-gender relationship who want to declare their love publicly among family and friends. With funerals and tributes, my mission is to create a ceremony that reflects the deceased's wishes, beliefs, cultural background, and values.

I create personalized wedding ceremonies. You can find me on LinkedIn, Thumbtack, and Yelp

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